Glass and Feng Shui

Look for the harmony of space in your projects. Feng Shui at the service of architecture and interior design.

Although the use of this philosophy is not an imposition because you can sympathize more or less with these theories, one of the most innovative trends is the use of Feng Shui in architecture and interior design projects. It is a Chinese philosophical system based on the harmony of space, which uses five main elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All of them carefully employed allow to create a positive energy flow in a space, maintaining a clean aura of the place.

Proyecto decoración según FenchShui

Feng Shui takes advantage of materials, colors and forms applied to architectural design in construction or remodeling projects, taking into account conditions of orientation, lighting, and views, creating a harmonious design. One of the elements that allows us to improve this dynamic is the use of glass and at Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we have different options that allow you to improve the Feng Shui of your projects.

In a home, bathrooms are spaces where less energy is concentrated, as they tend to be in more remote areas and often have a reduced space, so the use of glass shower room give a greater sense of spaciousness and better lighting, combined with clear tones the flow of energy improves. The same happens for places of reduced space or where rooms are shared, since sometimes we need to create separations for it to use sliding doors or glass separations, which channel the energy, and provide greater illumination of the space. 

Get to know through our catalogue the different solutions for glass that we have. The variety of glass shower rooms and different accessories, such as Hegox Bergen or Stavanger models, stand out. Also take advantage of the wide range of sliding doors, adapting to different situations of assembly and design of the room, such as the models Hegox Inox Square or G90 with the softclosing system. Or get to know the innovative glass separation system with the simplest installation on the Hegox Pro market. Ask us.