Discover the wide range of seals in Aramar.

The sealing gaskets, also known as mechanical seals, is a piece formed generally by relatively soft materials that is placed between two pieces, giving rise to the perfect coupling and avoiding the leakage of fluids, ensuring the tightness and sealing of the joint.

In our sector, we use this type of joints for sealing glazed enclosures or bulkheads. And they have an infinite number of advantages, some of them:

  • They seal your curtains avoiding that the cold, the rain and the dust enter.
  • They seal the glazed screens preventing water from escaping.
  • Allows the union of glass panels creating an installation without profiles in an elegant and safe way.
  • They avoid friction and breakage of the glass by maintaining the necessary distance between them.

In Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we have a wide range of seals in our catalog with a very competitive price in the market and high quality, which makes it one of the products with greater rotation of our facilities. You can find gaskets and glazing profiles for different thicknesses of glass, from 6mm to 12mm and with different shapes such as H or padded, and different sizes.

We also have magnetized gaskets, one of the most innovative products on the market that guarantees greater durability in perfect conditions. Due to their characteristics, they allow for better glazing thanks to magnetism and a totally hermetic seal.

As we have commented initially, these products usually are created with relatively soft materials reason why orders of quantity are advised for the transport, since if only a profile is sent it can arrive damaged by reasons other people’s to our production. 

You can find all sealing gaskets and their technical characteristics described on page 556 of our catalogue, or you can visit it here and if you have any need that is not in our catalogue, do not hesitate and contact us via email or telephone so that we can advise you.