10 05, 2019

Decoration with glass, a growing trend

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Decoration with glass, a growing trend Glass, an ancient art material that over the years has been refined to enjoy being one of the most elegant and prestigious materials due to its great versatility. Very used as construction material for different elements, such as windows or glass blocks, and also used for the creation of [...]

12 12, 2018

Glass, the perfect ally for decorating a home

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Why use glass to decorate a home? At Aramar supplies for glass we have a wide range of products aimed at the design and treatment of glass. We are not interior designers, architects or glassmakers but we know well what they need to be able to work with glass, because that is what we are [...]

7 06, 2017


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Durante todo este mes tendrán un descuento especial del 20% en todos los pedidos que se realicen en cajas de 10 unidades, en las mamparas que les mostramos a continuación: Les recordamos que disponemos de nuevas puertas correderas de la reconocida marca HEGOX, que distribuye en España en exclusiva Aramar. Pida información y precios de [...]